22 September 2023

Finex Group – Suspected scam

We recommend caution when dealing with Finex Group and its website.

Finex Group offers financial products including forex and cryptocurrency trading, financial education, and advice to New Zealanders.

It falsely claims it is a regulated entity, however, is not listed under the Financial Services Provider or New Zealand Companies registers.


Update December 2023:

We have noted www.FinexGroup.co is no longer an active domain, and the Finex group website has moved to the domain https://Finex-Group.co.

Our records show the new website is a copy of the old one, and new emails addresses associated with Finex Group have been identified.


Update February 2024:

We are recommending anyone who has had dealings with Finex Group to be alert to the risk of recovery scams.

We have received an enquiry suggesting personal information given to Finex Group is now being used by International Cyber Fraud Solutions as part of a suspected recovery scam.

International Cyber Fraud Solutions contacted an individual explaining they could recover funds deposited with Finex Group if they first paid an “advance fee”.  Personal information was also sought as part of a claimed “verification process”.

International Cyber Fraud Solutions is not a registered company in New Zealand. It is associated with Global Cyber Fraud Solutions, which the UK Financial Conduct Authority has recently issued a warning about:

FCA warning: Global Cyber Fraud Solutions / gcf.finance


ENTITY NAME: Finex Group
WEBSITE: www.FinexGroup.co (old); https://Finex-Group.co
EMAIL: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

ASSOCIATED ENTITIES: International Cyber Fraud Solutions
ENTITY NAME: International Cyber Fraud Solutions; Global Cyber Fraud Solutions
WEBSITE: icfs.finance
EMAIL: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
PHONE: +358 9427 04912; +44 20 7066 1000
ADDRESS: ( Alleged) Kaivokatu 10A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland