15 March 2023

Fake bond offer - esgbonds-nz.com / HSBCnz.com

New Zealand residents have been approached by individuals claiming to be from HSBC New Zealand and offering an “HSBC New Zealand ESG Bond”.

Fake Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) have then been emailed from the esgbonds-nz.com and hsbcnz.com domains.

These fake PDS's feature HSBC’s logo and invalid telephone numbers. Prospective investors were asked to transfer funds into a third-party bank account.

HSBC has confirmed that it is not associated with this offer, email domains or the individuals purporting to work for them.

We recommend exercising caution and undertaking due diligence before making investments of this nature.

Entity name: esgbonds-nz.com; hsbcnz.com
Email: [email protected][email protected]             
Phone numbers: +64 9 9419675 and +64 9 9419682