04 September 2019


ENTITY NAME: Coinbrokerz

DATE: 4 September 2019

WEBSITES: www.coinbrokerz.com; www.coinbrokerz.io

REASON FOR WARNING: We are concerned that Coinbrokerz has the hallmarks of a scam, including withholding clients' funds, requesting clients to transfer additional funds before being able to withdraw investments andbank accounts that do not match the company name.

We note the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority has published a warning about Coinbrokerz noting it is not authorized in the United Kingdom and that it may be running an investment scam.


Bank: DB Privat-Und Firmekundenbank AG (formerly deutsche Postbank AG)
Account Name: Sotki Smart GmbH
Account Number: DE54 4401 0046 0448 9744 67

Bank: Postbank
Account Name: ION and Maga Consulting GmbH
Account Number: DE65 7601 0085 0118 5888 59

Bank: Postbank
Account Name: Queen-World GmbH
Account Number: DE12 1001 0010 0924 4921 07

Bank: Postbank
Account Name: Premium Service ECN GmbH
Account Number: DE27 4401 0046 0402 6084 68

Bank: Fidor Bank
Account Name: Almo Markets VIP GmbH
Account Number: DE09 7002 2200 0020 2724 99

Bank: Grenke Bank AG
Account Name: Premium Service ECN GmbH
Account Number: DE84 2013 0400 0060 0021 77

Bank: Deutsche Postbank AG
Account Name: Horcones UG
Account Number: DE31 1001 0010 0607 4841 25