20 November 2023

CapitalvestPRO – Suspected scam

We are concerned about CapitalvestPRO and its website, which has the hallmarks of a scam.

CapitalvestPRO advertises it is located in New Zealand and is registered in New Zealand; however, it does not appear to be registered by the New Zealand Companies Office and the stated address does not exist.

It is also offering financial services without being registered on the Financial Service Providers Register.

CapitalvestPRO does not appear to be subject to regulation by any overseas regulator.

Entity name: CapitalvestPRO; Capitalvest PRO Trading Company PLC
Website: capitalvestpro.com
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]
Phone: +642108630358
Address: (alleged) 216 Cockerell Street, Brockville Dunedin, New Zealand