22 August 2022

Investor alert: Capital Heritage / capitalheritagelimited.com

We are concerned that Capital Heritage, who operate the website capitalheritagelimited.com, is falsely claiming to be a New Zealand company and is involved in a scam, for the following reasons:

  • We received a report from a member of the public who was unable to withdraw funds invested with Capital Heritage. The person was required to pay $1050 to purchase an “Authentication PIN” to withdraw the funds invested. This is the feature of a typical advance fee scam.
  • The company registration details of a New Zealand registered company - Capital Heritage Limited (NZBN: 9429032372106) are displayed on Capital Heritage’s website. We do not believe Capital Heritage is associated with the New Zealand registered company.
  • Capital Heritage is providing financial services that are required to be registered as a financial service provider in New Zealand. We note that Capital Heritage is not registered therefore it is not permitted to provide financial services in New Zealand residents and/or from a place of business in New Zealand.

Entity name: Capital Heritage
Website: https://capitalheritagelimited.com/
Email address: [email protected]