27 March 2024

BTCSWE – Imposter, recovery scam

We are aware of a New Zealand resident who has been contacted by someone claiming to represent BTCSWE. The Individual claimed he could help recover money lost to a previous investment.  

Fabricated documents were supplied to help convince the victim of this individual’s identity and ability to access lost funds. In order to recover this money, the victim was required to pay a contract fee over a period of months.  

The victim was also instructed to install the remote access software “anydesk” as part of this process.  

This has resulted in the victim losing a significant amount of money, as the software gave the scammer access to different passwords.  

We have contacted the owners of the BTCSWE cryptocurrency exchange, who confirm they have been impersonated as part of a wider “recovery scam”.  

The FMA continues to recommend caution when dealing with any individuals or entity offering to help recover lost investments.  

If you have given someone permission to install remote access software on your device, immediately seek the advice of an IT professional. 


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