22 November 2021


We believe GrayWallet is operating a scam via www.gwtpro.net and www.gwt-pro.org (the websites). The websites offer cryptocurrency wallet services to investors. We are aware of an investor using GrayWallet’s wallet services to invest and being unable to withdraw their cryptocurrency. 

GrayWallet is not a registered financial service provider in New Zealand. It is also operating a referral system where referees are rewarded for referring a new user.

We recommend exercising caution when dealing with this entity and the websites.

Entity name: GrayWallet
Email addresses: [email protected][email protected]
Websites: www.gwtpro.net; www.gwt-pro.org
Other: Wallet ID: 0x2F9d8ef4aC69ca988F96bf919896D78f93Aa0deA