02 February 2022

Investor warning: Adsplus Limited unreasonably withholding client funds

We are concerned that Adsplus is operating a scam, for the following reasons:

  • Adsplus Limited claims to be operating from a New Zealand address in Auckland. We do not believe this is true;
  • We are aware that Adsplus Limited has sent letters in the name of New Zealand Inland Revenue Department to one of its clients. We believe these documentations are false;
  • The persons shown on the “Meet Our Leadership Team” section of their website are fictitious persons created using the images copied from other websites; and
  • Unreasonable withholding of client funds. We understand Adsplus requires clients to pay large sum of tax payments for clients’ withdrawals to be processed. The client funds were not released despite the tax payments were made.
  • Adsplus Limited is not a registered financial service provider in New Zealand.

Entity name: Adsplus Limited 
Websites: https://adsplus-limited.com