29 April 2024

Admirria Tech / Quadra Pro – unregistered

We recommend caution when dealing with the educational platform Admirria Tech. Several overseas regulators have issued public warnings about Admirria Tech.

See warning from CSA: Admirria aka Global Tech Industries Limited

See warning from FCA: Admirria Tech

See warning from FSMA: Beware of these new fraudulent trading platforms


The FMA has had a report of a New Zealander who signed up to a “financial trading course” with Admirria. As part of this course, they were referred to an online trading platform named Quadra Pro.

Quadra Pro is offering New Zealanders financial services including CFD (Contract For Difference) trading services. Quadra Pro is not on the Financial Service Provider Register and does not hold any licence to provide services in New Zealand.

We are concerned that Admirria Tech is offering courses which refer its customers to fraudulent online trading platforms, which has formed part of previous international warnings. We recommend caution when dealing with both entities.

ENTITY NAMES: Admirria Tech and Quadra Pro
WEBSITES: https://admirria.tech/, https://quadrapro.net/ 
Admirria - Ground Floor, 257 Mare Street, London, United Kingdom E8 3NS
20 Midtown, 20 Proctor Street, London
Quadra Pro - 27 Adelaide St W Toronto, Ontario                        
One Canada Square E14 5AB, London, England
TELEPHONE: Quadra Pro +16478473550, +447362068116/ Admirria +442045772182
EMAIL: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]