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  1. 11 May 2020

    Founga ‘Inivesimeni Kākā

    This page is designed to help Tongan Communities with information on how to identify a scam. The page is supported by New Zealand Government Agencies.
  2. 11 March 2020

    International Women’s Day: Meet Karen Chang, Head of Enforcement

    International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women’s achievements and equality in leadership. This #IWD2020, meet Karen Chang. This leader, lawyer and mum-to-be is Head of Enforcement at The Financial Markets Authority - New Zealand. In this short video, she tells us about her role and why her work at the FMA matters.
  3. 6 March 2020

    Q&A with Alexandra Lipski

    For International Women’s Day 2020, we talked to Alexandra Lipski, founder of Closing The Gap, which aims to get more women into investing. Alex is a keen investor herself, and was luckily keen to share some of her experiences and tips with us
  4. 10 January 2020

    Market manipulation

    Market manipulation is where someone misleads (or attempts to mislead) the market by actions or omissions that give a false appearance of trading activity, supply, demand or the value of financial products. Read more in this article from the FMA.
  5. 24 May 2019

    How to be a smart investor

    FMA article that explains what it takes to be a smart investor including basic investment principles, getting financial advice and creating a sound investment plan.
  6. 24 May 2019

    Guide to "low ball" offers

    A ‘low ball’ offer is an unsolicited offer to buy an investment from you at significantly below the market price and/or where payment is spread over a long period of time.