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  1. 9 July 2021

    FMA investor profile - Zac W.

    Our latest investor profile is on 13-year-old Zac, who joined the online investing revolution 18 months ago, and now puts half his paper run money into his growing portfolio.
  2. 28 June 2021

    A guide to talking about money online

    Talking about money or investing can cross over into providing financial advice. This is a guide for consumers, social media influencers, bloggers and anyone wanting to discuss money matters online.
  3. 24 May 2021

    FMA investor profile - Riki Manarangi

    Our ongoing series of monthly profiles of investors around NZ. This month, Riki Manarangi, startup founder and key relationships manager for the NZ Shareholders’ Association.
  4. 7 May 2021

    Spotlight on: Conservative Funds

    The most important thing you can do with your KiwiSaver is make sure you’re in the right fund. The FMA editorial team talks about conservative funds in this article. Find out what a conservative fund is, and who it is most suited for.
  5. 16 April 2021

    Spotlight on: Growth Funds

    Growth funds are best if you need higher growth in your investment over the long term. The FMA editorial team talks about growth funds in this article.
  6. 26 March 2021

    Insider trading

    How insider trading and other illegal insider conduct undermines the fairness of investment markets, and what the Financial Markets Authority does to stop it.
  7. 26 March 2021

    Common sense for your dollars and cents

    New rules around financial advice came into play in March, 2021. Read more about the changes and why they are good news for everyday New Zealanders.
  8. 23 March 2021

    Investment warnings signs

    Tips to spot investment warning signs that signal it's time to get out of an investment.