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Statement on the Kiwi Access Card

Page last updated: 5 Jul 2019


Hospitality NZ launched their revamped 18+ card on 14 January 2019. This is now the Kiwi Access Card. The new Kiwi Access Card contains additional security features and a change of layout to the 18+ card.

The 18+ card was used as a form of photographic ID for individuals who did not possess other forms of photographic ID such as a New Zealand Driver Licence or Passport.

Status under the Identity Verification Code of Practice

Statement on the Kiwi Access Card

The status of the new Kiwi Access card is considered to be the same as the older 18+ card for the purposes of the IVCOP. This approach is in-line with the Evidence of Identity standard factsheet on the Kiwi Access Card/18+ Card, which treats them as the same form of identification.