Page last updated: 09 February 2023

Licensed & reporting entities

The businesses/people listed on this page have been granted a licence or have been authorised by the FMA. It's important to only deal with licensed people and businesses because if things go wrong you will have access to free dispute resolution services. Find out further details including the provider's business address, list of services and the name of their independent dispute resolution scheme on the Financial Service Providers Register.

Licenced and reporting entities

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  1. Designated Business Group (DBG)

    3 February 2023

    BNP Paribas NZ DBG

    BNP Paribas NZ DBG including:BNP Paribas Fund Services Australasia Pty Ltd (FSP42061) and BNP Paribas Nominees (NZ) Limited (FSP42162)
  2. Designated Business Group (DBG)

    31 January 2023

    Harmoney DBG

    Harmoney DBG including: Harmoney Corp Limited, Harmoney Services Limited, and Harmoney Nominee Limited
  3. Designated Business Group (DBG)

    24 January 2023

    Deutsche Bank DBG

    Deutsche Bank DBG including: Deutsche Bank AG (Sydney Branch), Deutsche Securities Australia Limited and Deutsche Capital Markets Australia Limited
  4. Designated Business Group (DBG)

    24 January 2023

    Sharesies DBG

    Sharesies DBG including: Sharesies Ltd, and Sharesies Nominee Limited
  5. Supervisor

    17 January 2023

    Public Trust

    Published Trust, FSP24561, is licensed by the FMA as Supervisor.
  6. Designated Business Group (DBG)

    1 January 2023

    Forsyth Barr DBG

    Forsyth Barr DBG, including Trove Holdings Limited, Forsyth Barr Limited, Forsyth Barr Group Limited, Forsyth Barr Custodians Limited, Forsyth Barr Investment Management Limited, Forsyth Barr Cash Management Nominees Limited, Leveraged Equities Finance Limited, Trove NZ Limited and Octagon Asset Management Limited
  7. Crowdfunding providers

    22 December 2022

    The Property Crowd Limited

    The Property Crowd Limited, FSP440926, is a licensed Crowdfunding service provider. The license is suspended on 22 December 2022
  8. Designated Business Group (DBG)

    15 December 2022

    Z Energy Property Fund DBG

    Z Energy Property Fund is a designated business group (DBG), including: Z Property Limited Partnership, Z General Partner Limited, and Z Property Manager Limited
  9. Designated Business Group (DBG)

    7 December 2022

    GD1 Services Limited DBG

    GD1 Management Limited DBG including: GD1 Management Ltd (5951187), TGF GP Limited (6983195), GD1 Nominees Limited (6080108), GD1 Founding LPs Nominee Limited (5950867), Technology Growth Fund L.P. (50001700)
  10. Designated Business Group (DBG)

    30 November 2022

    Kiwi Wealth Designated Business Group

    Kiwi Wealth Designated Business Group includes members: Kiwi Wealth Investments Limited Partnership, Kiwi Wealth Limited, Kiwi Investment Management Limited, and Portfolio Custodial Nominees Limited
  11. Designated Business Group (DBG)

    21 November 2022

    Jarden Securities Limited DBG

    Jarden Securities Limited including: Jarden Securities Limited, Jarden Investment Nominees Limited, Jarden Structured Investment Limited, Jarden Principal Investments Limited, and Jarden Finance Limited
  12. Designated Business Group (DBG)

    22 October 2022

    iPartners DBG

    iPartners Designated Business Group