28 January 2020

Consultation paper: Review of Financial Markets Authority funding and levies

Final date for submissions


Consultation document

Review of Financial Markets Authority funding and levy

Since the FMA’s funding was last reviewed in 2016, the organisation’s remit has broadened and it is now experiencing cost pressures. The FMA and MBIE are reviewing the FMA’s operational funding requirements, and are seeking feedback on funding options identified by PwC in its independent review of the FMA’s efficiency and effectiveness.

As the FMA is currently funded through a mixture of Crown and third-party levy funding, two options are presented for how any increase in the FMA’s appropriation should be apportioned between the Crown and levy payers.

MBIE is also seeking feedback on proposals for some new levy classes to respond to developments in financial markets, and changes to the portion of levies paid by certain classes.

Submissions CLOSED.