08 March 2017

Consultation paper: KiwiSaver advice

First published 8 November 2016


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KiwiSaver advice 

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Guidance note KiwiSaver sales and advice

Summary of submissions

We are seeking feedback on our KiwiSaver advice guidance note.

This guidance note is for providers advising on KiwiSaver products and will replace our 2012 Guidance Note: Sale and Distribution of KiwiSaver.  We are replacing this guidance to recognise feedback that our 2012 approach resulted in some people not getting the help they needed, as firms saw it as risky to provide advice. This revised guidance is intended to change that situation, by encouraging advisers and financial firms to help people make good decisions about KiwiSaver.

Please note that once this guidance note is finalised, we will review relevant content on our website - existing information for consumers about transferring to a new KiwiSaver provider; and existing guidance for advisers on product replacement advice.  

If you have questions, please email us at [email protected]. Please title your email: ‘Consultation paper: KiwiSaver Advice: [your organisation’s name]'