08 September 2023

Consultation: Climate-related disclosures timing challenge

Final date for submission  5pm, Monday 7 August 2023 
Consultation paper  Climate-related disclosures timing challenge 
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[email protected] - please use the title of the consultation paper in the subject line   


September 2023 UPDATE 

After carefully considering submissions, the FMA has agreed in principle to grant an exemption (with conditions) for climate reporting entities who are listed issuers or registered banks from the requirement to include a copy of, or link to, their climate statements in their annual report for a period of two years.  

We may consult with interested stakeholders on the drafting of the exemption notice that will give effect to our decision. If you would like to be added to the list of stakeholders please email your request to us.  

We aim to have a notice in place to give effect to this decision before the end of 2023. 


July 2023

Under the Climate-related Disclosures requirements of the FMC Act, climate reporting entities (CREs) must prepare and lodge climate statements within four months after their balance date. However, some CREs are facing a timing challenge because they are subject to other reporting obligations that mean climate statements will need to be prepared within three months.  

We are considering using our exemption power to exempt certain CREs from the requirement to include a link to their climate statements in their annual report, with conditions, for a period of two years. 

We invite your feedback on the exemption proposals discussed in the consultation paper. Please use the feedback form provided.