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Nona Marketing Limited and Albius Limited

Page last updated: 1 Jan 2011

TRADING NAME: FTO Capital (also known as Financials Trading Online)
ADDRESSES: Nona Marketing Limited, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshal Island.
Albius Limited, 53-55 Totleben Blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria.
REASON FOR WARNING: We recommend exercising caution before dealing with FTO Capital. We have received reports that representatives of FTO Capital are cold calling New Zealand residents. We have also received reports of unreasonable or unexplained withholding of client funds FTO Capital. FTO Capital is not registered to provide financial services in New Zealand and therefore not able to legally offer financial services in New Zealand. We also note the warnings issued by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission and the Monetary Authority of Singapore