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MetalsWise / MetalWise

Page last updated: 28 May 2020

ENTITY NAME: MetalsWise / MetalWise
ADDRESS: Moor House 120 London Wall, EC2Y 5ET UK

WEBSITE: https://metalswise.com/
TELEPHONE: 0800 995 062 


We are concerned that Metalwise (formerly MetalsWise) a precious metals and commodities trader purporting to operate from the United Kingdom, and its associated website www.metalswise.com may be operating a scam.

We published a warning about MetalsWise on 17 April 2020 as an unregistered business. Since the warning was published, the business has rebranded to the name MetalWise.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom advises that MetalsWise is not authorised by the FCA. Potential victims are being instructed to pay money to a bank account in Spain. 

MetalWise is currently advertising on NZ radio. MetalWise is not registered and/or licensed to offer financial services to New Zealand residents and we recommend exercising caution.

The website is not associated with the NZ registered company Metalwise NZ Limited or the UK registered company MetalWise Southwest Limited. Those companies are involved in unrelated businesses.