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Page last updated: 28 Oct 2014

WEBSITE: www.alcanfml.com
REASON FOR WARNING: We believe information on the website is untrue and the company is not authorised to offer the services advertised. 
OTHER INFORMATION: The website names a New Zealand director and shareholder as offering the services of an authorised financial adviser. The named individual is a shareholder and director of the New Zealand registered company Alcan Financial Management Limited but is not associated in any way with the operations of the website www.alcanfml.com, nor is the conduct of Alcan Financial Management Limited under investigation by FMA. We are concerned those connected to the website www.alcanfml.com and related people or entities may be soliciting funds from or offering employment opportunities to members of the public, and warn New Zealanders not to contact the entity or invest in any products offered through the website. If you have invested in the entity or products offered through the website www.alcanfml.com or had contact with parties connected to it, we would like to hear from you. Please contact our helpline on 0800 434 567.