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New roles within the FMA executive team

Page last updated: 11 Jun 2015

Media Release
MR No. 2015 – 23
11 June 2015 

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has made the following appointments to its executive team effective 1 July 2015:

  • Liam Mason becomes director of regulation. The role includes the responsibilities formerly under the director of compliance role, which was dis-established following Elaine Campbell’s departure in May.
  • Garth Stanish becomes director of markets oversight, a new role on the FMA’s executive team . The markets oversight group includes oversight of NZX, crowd-funding/P2P lending platforms and frontline supervisors.
  • John Botica becomes chief operating officer, responsible for corporate functions including finance, technology, enterprise project management, and business planning. He continues to lead market engagement as a function. 
  • Diana Christensen has been appointed director of people and capability. She has been in a senior human resources role as head of people & capability, reporting to the director of corporate operations since late last year.

Chief executive, Rob Everett, says the changes on the executive team reflect the focus that the FMA has on its regulatory priorities as set out in its strategic risk outlook published late last year.

‘As we bed-in the Financial Markets Conduct Act, we are steadily reassessing our medium-term priorities. The appointments reflect the emphasis we are putting on our core regulatory processes and operations, the integrity and effective operation of our markets, and the key focus on the capability and development of our people and our core systems’.

These roles all report directly to the chief executive.

Other FMA executive team members (Belinda Moffat, Simone Robbers, and Owen Gill) remain in their respective roles unchanged.


  • Liam Mason was previously general counsel and director of governance, policy and strategy (GPS). Joanne Davis-Calvert is now acting head of GPS, reporting to the chief executive.
  • Garth Stanish was previously head of markets oversight, reporting to the director of compliance. Mr Stanish took over his new role on June 1.
  • John Botica was previously director of market engagement.



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