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    5 April 2017

    Wise-up about retirement now, so you can relax and enjoy it later

    Media release MR No. 2017 – 135 April 2017 The key ingredients that make it more likely you can relax and enjoy your life after work have been revealed in an FMA survey of older New Zealanders. The FMA commissioned Colmar Brunton to survey New Zealanders aged between 60 and 74 years, to find out their experiences of retirement and how information or advice has helped them manage their retirement savings.  Those older New Zealanders reporting strong co...


    27 March 2017

    FMA releases AFA information report

    Media releaseMR No. 2017 – 1127 March 2017 Background The Financial Markets Authority today published its third statistical report on Authorised Financial Advisers (AFAs) in New Zealand. The FMA requires AFAs to submit an annual information return each year. The report uses the data from that questionnaire to provide a snapshot of the sector for the 12 month period ending June 30th 2016. It has been published in Tableau to enable the industry, media...


    9 March 2017

    FMA files charges for insider trading

    Media release MR No. 2017 – 089 March 2017 The FMA has filed charges in the Auckland District Court alleging breaches of the insider trading prohibitions contained in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMCA). The charges were filed in relation to trading in shares of Eroad (NZX:ERD).  The individuals charged are a current and a former Eroad employee. FMA alleges that the current Eroad employee sent text messages to the former employee containing...


    8 March 2017

    FMA updates guidance on KiwiSaver sales and advice

    Media releaseMR No. 2017 – 078 March 2017 The Financial Markets Authority today released updated guidance on sales and advice for KiwiSaver providers. KiwiSaver is an important part of New Zealanders’ future financial security and for some it is their first and only investment. This makes it critical that KiwiSaver members get the help they need to make good decisions. The FMA’s guidance wants providers to encourage investors to consider four facto...


    20 February 2017

    The Financial Markets Authority publishes its first Conduct Outcomes Report

    Media release MR No. 2017 – 05 20 February 2017 The Conduct Outcomes Report 2016 highlights the key issues and actions from the FMA’s enforcement, supervision and preventative activities for the financial year July 2015 to June 2016. Previously published as the Investigations and Enforcement Report, this report shows how the FMA has made use of the broad range of conduct regulation powers available under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. Key ac...


    15 February 2017

    FMA updates Strategic Risk Outlook and sets course for new era in conduct regulation

    Media Release MR No. 2017 – 04 15 February 2017 Today the Financial Markets Authority published its updated Strategic Risk Outlook (SRO). This is a foundation FMA document and sets out how the regulator identifies and prioritises the key risks to its overall objective of fair, efficient and transparent markets. In 2014, the FMA established seven strategic priorities to address the main risks and potential harms to financial markets. Those priorities an...


    8 February 2017

    FMA warns firms under Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act

    Media Release MR No. 2017 – 02 8 February 2017  The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has issued a formal warning to 12 reporting entities under section 80 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act (the Act). Under section 59(2) of the Act, the FMA required reporting entities to submit their audit of their Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) risk assessment and AML/CFT programme by 25 Nove...


    8 February 2017

    FMA lays charges under the Crimes Act

    Media Release MR No. 2017 – 03 8 February 2017 An individual registered financial adviser appeared in the Auckland District Court yesterday in relation to various charges laid by the FMA under the Crimes Act. 3 charges of making a false document for pecuniary advantage, under section 256(1) of the Crime Act 1961. This carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment. 3 charges of dishonestly using a document for pecuniary advantage under section 228(...


    2 February 2017

    The FMA’s guide designed to help providers focus on good conduct

    Media release MR No. 2017 – 01 2 February 2017 Today the FMA published the final version of the guide into the FMA’s view of conduct. The FMA has also published submissions from industry, considered as part of the consultation process. The Financial Markets Conduct Act’s focus on conduct is a significant shift in financial services regulation. It means the FMA will assess providers based on their conduct, which is what their customers experience fr...


    13 December 2016

    Consultation complete on FMA’s conduct guide: final document to be published in new year

    Media releaseMR No.2016 – 3813 December 2016 Earlier this year the FMA consulted on a guide on good conduct, signalling to New Zealand financial services providers what to expect from interaction and engagement with the conduct regulator. With a broad range of industry submitting, the process has given the FMA valuable insight into how New Zealand financial services providers view the topic of conduct regulation in general; and the intent and content o...


    8 December 2016

    FMA releases AML/CFT monitoring report

    Media AdvisoryMR No.2016 – 3708 December 2016 The FMA has today published its third annual AML/CFT monitoring report.  Reporting entities (REs) are required to file annual reports by 31 August each period, for the year ending 30 June. Data collected from these reports helps to inform the FMA’s risk-based approach to monitoring the market and understand what business activities the REs carried out. The 2016 report shows some progress in REs meeting t...


    1 December 2016

    The end of the beginning for the new regime in financial services

    Media releaseMR No.2016 – 361 December 2016 A decade in the making, today marks the beginning of a new era in the regulation of New Zealand’s financial markets. The introduction of a stronger regime overseeing financial markets, based on the good conduct of providers, has been in train since before the establishment of the Capital Markets Development Taskforce in 2008. The Financial Markets Authority has been implementing this regime since the Financ...


    28 November 2016

    FMA releases Audit Quality Monitoring report

    Media release MR No.2016 – 3528 November 2016 The FMA’s 2016 Audit Quality Report reflects that improvements continue to be made in audit quality.  The report shows the sector is increasingly aligned with the expectations of the FMA and international auditing standards and global best practice. However, it also notes that files reviewed still show that further improvement is necessary. The FMA is required under the Auditor Regulation Act 2011 to re...


    16 November 2016

    Minister Collins to open Fraud Film Festival

    Media release MR No. 2016 – 34 16 November 2016 The inaugural International Fraud Film Festival will be opened by Hon Judith Collins, the Minister responsible for the Serious Fraud Office, on Friday, 18 November at Auckland’s Q Theatre.  The festival concludes this year’s Fraud Awareness Week. The Fraud Film Festival is designed to bring the issue of fraud, and other forms of financial crime, alive in the New Zealand context through the medium of...


    15 November 2016

    When strangers call bearing investment gifts: hang up

    Media releaseMR No. 2016 – 3315 November 2016 Cold calls from strangers about investment opportunities are not only sure-fire losers, but illegal, and the Financial Markets Authority says the best response is the dial tone. As part of International Fraud Awareness Week, the FMA is warning consumers to be aware of fraudsters and protect themselves, having noticed an increase in cold-calling and ‘boiler-room’ scams.  These scams are not just affecti...


    8 November 2016

    FMA issues updated guidance on KiwiSaver advice for consultation

    Media release MR No. 2016 – 32 8 November 2016 The FMA is consulting on revised guidance on advice for KiwiSaver sales. The intention of the revised guidance, published today for consultation, is to encourage advisers and financial firms to help New Zealanders make good decisions about KiwiSaver. The FMA’s review of KiwiSaver sales and advice practices in 2015 found that only 3 in 1000 sales or transfers had occurred with personalised advice. There w...