18 October 2023

Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission – Imposter websites

We recommend caution if contacted by anyone claiming to be from the Cypress Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC).

CySEC has warned that its website has been copied and scammers are impersonating its officials in a complex “recovery” scam.

Previous scam victims are being contacted by CySEC impersonators via emails and phone, then asked to pay fees and/or purchase cryptocurrency under the guise of recovering lost funds.

CySEC has stated it has no authority or jurisdiction to collect fees from individuals.

View four warnings regarding this complex scam on the CySEC official website.

ENTITY NAME: Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission
WEBSITES: www.cysec-regulatory.com; www.Cysecs.group; www.cysecgov.com; www.cysecsupport.online; www.cysec-support.online; www.cysecgov.com
EMAIL[email protected]


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