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Protect yourself

Page last updated: 30 Oct 2018

A few home truths from the market watch-dog

To avoid being scammed follow these home truths:

Always use a licensed provider

Licensed providers have to show us they can provide the licensed service. We monitor them to ensure they are meeting their obligations. They must meet high standards and belong to a dispute resolution scheme. 

See our lists of licensed providers

Do not invest via offshore, online businesses

We only regulate financial services businesses operating in New Zealand. 

It is often impossible to recover your money if an overseas investment turns out to be a scam. We cannot help you if things go wrong.

If a business is not based in New Zealand, it is even more important you do your research before you invest. Make sure you know who regulates them, and that the regulator is genuine.

Ignore unsolicited offers

It is illegal to sell financial products through a cold call or other unsolicited communication in New Zealand. If you receive a call, letter or email from a stranger about an investment opportunity, hang up, or ignore it. You can report unsolicited calls or emails to your service provider.

Read our real-life scam stories. They will show you some of the tactics scammers use and how to spot the warning signs that you are in contact with a scammer.

Scamwatch and CFFC have further information on recognising and protecting yourself from other types of scams.