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10 top investing tools

Page last updated: 14 Oct 2020

Top 10 Investing Tools

10 investing tools to help you become a top money manager

Even the most successful investors have to start somewhere.
Knowing where to begin and which path to take can be confusing. We've collected 10 tools to make the investment process easier for those starting to invest. 

#1 Goal planner

We all invest for the same reason – to grow our money. The way we approach investing though depends on our goals.
Plan your investment goals with the Sorted goal planner.

#2 Investor kickstarter

To invest your money well you need to see what type of investor you are and find out the right mix of investments to put your money in.
The Sorted Investor Kickstarter is here to help.

KiwiSaver Flow chart - Top 10 investing tools#3 KiwiSaver flow chart

KiwiSaver Flow is an easy to use diagram that can help you work out if you’re in the correct fund, ways of saving more money, and how to cut fees. 
Give your KiwiSaver settings a quick review with this easy flow chart. 

#4 KiwiSaver fund finder

Did the KiwiSaver flow chart suggest you might need a new fund?
Use the KiwiSaver fund finder to find your ideal fund.

KiwiSaver Tracker - Top 10 investing tools#5 KiwiSaver Tracker

Fees are important because they reduce the returns you make. The KiwiSaver Tracker tells you exactly how much of your return is being eaten up in fees.
Note: The KiwiSaver tracker should be viewed on a desktop.

#6 KiwiSaver savings calculator

How big could your KiwiSaver balance be? How much could you have for a first home?
Calculate your KiwiSaver savings with the Sorted savings calculator.

KiwiSaver Risk Quiz - Top 10 investing tools#7 KiwiSaver risk quiz

What happens when investment markets go up and down? The KiwiSaver risk quiz tests your KiwiSaver account management skills.
Take the KiwiSaver risk quiz.

#8 Smart Investor

Ready to move beyond KiwiSaver? Smart Investor has the skinny on every KiwiSaver fund – and on managed funds. It also links you to information on bonds and shares as well as guides on every investment type.

#9 Net worth calculator

Getting ahead moneywise means making choices that push your net worth upwards, now and in the future. How much will you be worth now, in 10 years and 20 years?
Calculate your future net worth.

#10 Money personality quiz

Finally – and just for fun. This light-hearted money personality quiz lets you see your financial strengths and possible blind spots. Take it with your partner for even more money insights.