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Designated Business Groups

Page last updated: 4 Jun 2019

List of AML/CFT designated business groups (DBGs) notified to and supervised by the FMA

  1. Businesses that appear on this list have formed a DBG in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 and have notified the FMA of the DBG formation in accordance with the Designated Business Group - Formation Guideline.
  2. Only entities that have completed the necessary forms for notifying the FMA of their election to form or join a DBG are included on this list.
  3. The list represents our current population of DBGs and is subject to change from time to time.
  4. This list is for information only.
  5. The listing of a business does not imply we have approved of the activities of the business and does not certify compliance of the business with applicable legislation.
  6. Each reporting entity within the DBG must complete an annual AML/CFT report, however not all entities with a DBG are necessarily reporting entities. Where they are not reporting entities, we have highlighted them as such.

More information on DBG's:

DBG Name

Financial institutions included in the DBG

FSPR Number

Reporting Entity

Abbott Insurance Group Abbott Premium Funding Company Ltd FSP37422 Y
Abbott Insurance Brokers Ltd FSP24361 Y
Endeavour Premium Finance Limited FSP31587 Y
Accordia Asset Management Limited DBG Accordia Asset Management Ltd FSP3341 Y
Accordia Services Limited FSP3361 Y
Capital Investment Planning Limited FSP3301 Y
Adminis DBG Adminis NZ Ltd FSP507546 Y
ACNL Nominees No.1 Limited N/A Y
Adminis Custodial Nominees Limited FSP508706 Y
AMP FSNZ DBG AMP Services (NZ) Limited FSP38082 Y
AMP Wealth Management New Zealand Ltd FSP25061 Y
Advicefirst Limited FSP23242 Y
AMP Life Limited FSP38141 Y
Aon New Zealand DBG Aon New Zealand FSP16841 Y
Superannuation Management Nominees Limited FSP16861 Y
Aon Saver Limited FSP243965 Y
Apex Advice Group Ltd FSP44869 Y
Apex Insurance Brokers Ltd FSP311286 Y
Apex Tauranga FSP488386 Y
Apex Waikato Ltd FSP422686 Y
Apex Christchurch Limited FSP631669 Y
Apex Risk Management Limited FSP653511 Y
Ark Financial Group DBG Ark Financial Services  FSP99764 Y
Oneway Investments Limited  FSP96265 Y
Pounamu Financial Services  FSP108804 Y
Armillary Group Armillary Limited FSP18201 Y
Crowdsphere Limited FSP360186 Y
RPV GP Limited FSP389766 Y
Armillary Corporate Trustee No2. Ltd N/A Y
Efficient Market Services Ltd FSP21502 Y
Augusta DBG Augusta Capital Limited FSP31941 Y
Augusta Funds Management Limited FSP209185 Y
Blockchain Funds Management Scheme DBG  Blockchain Funds Limited FSP632189 Y
Blockchain Funds Trustee Limited FSP632209 Y
BNP Paribas NZ DBG BNP Paribas Securities Services (Australia Branch) N/A N
BNP Paribas Fund Services Australasia PTY Ltd FSP42061 Y
BNP Paribas Nominees (NZ) Limited FSP42162 Y
Booster FS DBG Booster Custodial Administration Services Limited FSP28324 Y
Booster Investment Management Limited FSP28142 Y
Booster Investment Services Limited FSP28245 Y
Asset Custodian Nominees Limited  FSP35541 Y
Booster Financial Services Limited FSP28287 Y
Fidelity Fund Management Limited FSP38983 Y
Booster Funds Management Limited FSP555786 Y
New Zealand Innovation GP Limited FSP631589 Y
Booster Tahi GP Limited  FSP555787 Y
Capital Group DBG                      Capitalgroup (Addison) Limited FSP321586 Y
CapitalGroup (Airedale) Ltd FSP557407 Y
Capitagroup (Bays Rise) Limited FSP620889 Y
Capitalgroup (Bombay) Limited FSP605049 Y
Capitalgroup (Cambridge) Limited  FSP513306 Y
Capitalgroup (Chapel) Limited FSP620909 Y
Capitalgroup (Celestion) Limited FSP335046 Y
Capitalgroup (Eden Green) Ltd FSP505586 Y
Capitalgroup (Hopetown) Ltd FSP446806 Y
Capitalgroup (Kent) Limited FSP549946 Y
Capitalgroup (Lofts) Ltd FSP505606 Y
Capitalgroup (Marina Terrace) Limited FSP605010 Y
Capitalgroup (Omokoroa) Limited FSP335206 Y
Capitalgroup (Oriental) Limited FSP646569 Y
Capitalgroup (Paora) Limited FSP620850 Y
Capitalgroup (PEB) Limited FSP335246 Y
Capitalgroup (Seatoun) Limited FSP646609 Y
Capitalgroup (Vinegar) Ltd FSP526946 Y
Capitalgroup (Willeston) Limited FSP620869 Y
Capitalgroup Cash Management Trust Limited FSP341726 Y
Omokoroa Investments Limited FSP335346 Y
Citizens First DBG Citizens First Mortgage Nominees Limited  FSP455746 Y
Citizens Brokerage Limited FSP10701 Y
Civic Financial Services DBG  Civic Financial Services Limited FSP35461 Y
Local Government Superannuation Trustee Limited FSP35782 Y
Co-op Money NZ DBG Co-op Money NZ FSP392287 Y
Co-op Services NZ FSP543406 Y
Craigs DBG Craigs Investments Partners Limited FSP29641 Y
Custodial Services Limited FSP40066 Y
QuayStreet Asset Management Limited FSP40150 Y
Craigs Investment Partners Superannuation Management Limited FSP39980 Y
CIP Cash Management Nominees Limited FSP250285 Y
Hendry Nominees Limited FSP250267 Y
Kowhai PE Management Limited FSP551486 Y
Kowhai PE Nominees No1 Limited FSP551506 Y
NZSIF Management Limited FSP40071 Y
Pohutukawa Management Limited FSP40165 Y
Pohutukawa II Management Limited FSP40144 Y
Deutsche Craigs Limited FSP318966 Y
CIP Nominees No 1 Limited FSP569607 Y
DEL Management Limited FSP39367 Y
Pilot Bay Funds Management Limited       FSP607889 Y
Karaka Management Limited                       FSP611069 Y
Karaka Nominees No 1 Limited                    FSP611089 Y
Direct Capital V DBG Direct Capital Limited  FSP249566 Y
Direct Capital IV Management Limited  FSP14761
Direct Capital V Management Limited FSP532346 Y
Enterprise Angels DBG Enterprise Angels Incorporated FSP108826 Y
EA GP Limited N/A Y
EA Nominee Limited FSP502026 Y
Equitise DBG  Equitise Pty Limited FSP380626 Y
Equitise Nominees Limited FSP483046 Y
Financial Advice Hawkes Bay DBG  Financial Advice Hawkes Bay Limited FSP110362 Y
FAHB Investments Limited FSP522006 Y
Findex NZ DBG Crowe Horwath NZ Financial Advice Limited FSP304686 Y
Findex Advice Services NZ Ltd FSP46362 Y
Forsyth Barr DBG Forsyth Barr Limited FSP24848 Y
Forsyth Barr Group Limited FSP296946 Y
Forsyth Barr Custodians Limited FSP25083 Y
Forsyth Barr Investment (former Forsyth Barr KiwiSaver Limited) FSP25021 Y
Forsyth Barr Cash Management Nominees Limited FSP260845 Y
Leveraged Equities Finance Limited FSP25161 Y
FNZ DBG FNZ Custodians Limited FSP177746 Y
FNZ Limited FSP12981 Y
Gek Property Management DBG GEK Property Management limited FSP35826 Y
Mortgage Holdings Limited FSP394706 Y
Property Syndicates Issuer Limited FSP35861 Y
Mortgage Investment Limited Partnership FSP395286 Y
PFS Mortgage Portfolio Limited Partnership FSP455046 Y
Vulcan Mortgage Limited Partnership FSP517326 Y
Goldman Sachs NZ DBG Goldman Sachs New Zealand Limited FSP37443 Y
NZ Commercial Ventures Limited FSP603589 Y
Goodman Property Trust DBG Goodman (NZ) Limited FSP36542 Y
GMT Bond Issuer Limited FSP36625 Y
GMT Wholesale Bond Issuer Limited N/A Y
Goodman Property Services (NZ) Limited FSP287465 Y
Harmoney DBG Harmoney Corp Limited FSP368046 Y
Harmoney Services Limited FSP593769
Harmoney Limited FSP373486 Y
Harmoney Nominee Limited FSP590148 Y
Harmoney Investor Trustee Limited FSP396666 N
HiFXGroup DBG HiFX Limited FSP94961 Y
HiFX Australia Pty Limited N/A N
Implemented Investment Solutions DBG  Implemented Investment Solutions Ltd FSP127464 Y
InvestNow Saving and Investment Services Limited   Y

Jarden Securities DBG


Jarden Securities Limited FSP3202 Y
Jarden Investment Nominees Limited FSP590689
Pearlfisher Capital Limited FSP8701 Y
Jarden Group Limited N/A N
Jarden Investments Limited N/A N
Jarden Partners Limited N/A N
Jarden Private Partners Limited N/A N
JBWere NZ DBG JBWere (NZ) PTY Limited FSP33141 Y
Margin Lending (NZ) Limited FSP33202 Y
JBWere (NZ) Nominees Limited FSP33164 Y


JMIS Ltd FSP93061 Y

Clarity Funds Management Limited

FSP174204 Y
Select Wealth Management Ltd FSP443706 Y
K C Securities Limited DBG   K C Securities Limited FSP27082 Y
K C M Finance Limtied N/A N
K C Securities Limited Partnership N/A N


KVB Kunlun NZ Ltd FSP1762 Y

KVB Kunlun Securities NZ Ltd

FSP488226 Y
Macquarie DBG Macquarie Securities (NZ) Ltd FSP14521 Y
Macquarie Capital (New Zealand) Ltd FSP4621 Y
Macquarie Equipment Finance Ltd FSP37621 Y
Macquarie Group Holdings New Zealand Limited N/A N
Medical Assurance Society DBG Medical Assurance Society New Zealand Limited FSP35849 Y
Medical Securities Limited FSP39382 Y
Medical Funds Management Limited FSP39643 Y
Mercer DBG Mercer (NZ) Limited FSP42742 Y
Mercer Investment Nominees (NZ) Limited FSP42613 Y
Milford Asset Management DBG Milford Asset Management Limited  FSP21043 Y
Milford Funds Limited  FSP36001 Y
Milford Private Equity Ltd FSP527746 Y
Milford Private Wealth Limited FSP391786 Y
MPW NZ Hobson Wealth Partners Limited FSP29782 Y
Hobson Wealth Custodian Limited FSP30284 Y
New Ground Capital DBG New Ground Capital Limited FSP358706 Y
NZ Residential Property Fund Limited N/A N
New Ground SME Partnerships Fund Limited N/A N
New Zealand Assets Management DBG New Zealand Assets Management Ltd FSP20861 Y
NZAM Funds Ltd FSP252545 Y
New Zealand Post Group DBG






Kiwi Capital Funding Limited [*]

FSP367986 Y
Kiwi Wealth Limited FSP46761 Y
Kiwibank Investment Management Limited FSP23941 Y
New Zealand Post Trust Management Services Limited FSP264985 Y
Kiwi Investment Management Limited FSP364706 Y
Portfolio Custodial Nominees Limited FSP349126 Y

Kiwi Asset Finance Limited [**]

FSP54122 Y

Kiwibank Limited [*]

FSP19941 Y

Kiwibank Nominees Limited [*]

FSP23923 Y

New Zealand Post Limited [**]

FSP30741 Y

Gareth Morgan Investments Limited Partnership

NZ Funds DBG New Zealand Funds Management Limited FSP27062 Y
New Zealand Funds Superannuation Limited N/A Y
New Zealand Administration Services Limited FSP27084 Y
NZGT DBG NZ International Trustee Company Limited FSP40162 N
Covenant Trustee Services Ltd FSP30521 Y
Custom Fleet NZ Trustees Ltd FSP13421 N
Perpetual Trust Limited FSP40361 Y
The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited  FSP33501 Y
NZGT (FP) Trustee Limited FSP172364 Y
NZGT (IF) Trustee Limited FSP215685 Y
Openly Investing Limited FSP592810 Y
NZX Clearing DBG New Zealand Clearing Limited N/A Y
New Zealand Depository Limited FSP26681 Y
New Zealand Depository Nominee Limited FSP26703 Y
OneLend DBG OneLend Limited FSP542706 Y
OneLend Trustee Limited FSP537406 Y
Property Managers Group DBG (PMGDBG) PMG Property Funds Management Limited FSP117931 Y
PMG Direct Office Fund Trustees Limited   Y
Pacific Property Fund Limited (which wholly owns Pacific Property Fund No. 2 Limited) FSP317586 Y
Goddards Centre Investment Group Limited   Y
PML Nominees (HBD) Limited   Y
PML Nominees (Stellar Investment group) Limited   Y
PML Nominees (399 Cameron Road Investment Group) Limited   Y
PMG Capital Fund Limited              Y
PMG Direct Childcare Fund Trustees Limited          Y
Public Trust DBG Public Trust FSP24561 Y
New Zealand Permanent Trustees Limited FSP252805 Y
ANZNZ Covered Bond Trust Limited (ANZNZ CBG) FSP452930 Y
ASB Covered Bond Trustee Limited FSP452929 Y
CBG Trustee Company Limited (BNZ CBG) FSP444966 Y
Kiwi Covered Bond Trustee Limited (Kiwi CBG) FSP444986 Y
Punakaiki Fund DBG Punakaiki Fund Limited FSP288525 Y
Lance Wiggs Capital Management Limited FSP288485 Y
Rutherford Rede Limited DBG Rutherford Rede (NI) Ltd N/A N
Rutherford Rede (Auckland Central) Ltd N/A N
Rutherford Rede Metro N/A N
Rutherford Rede Super Solutions FSP360826 Y
Rutherford Rede Ltd FSP174024 Y
Rutherford Rede (Ponsonby) Ltd N/A N
Rutherford Rede Akld Ltd N/A N
Salt Funds DBG Salt Funds Management Limited FSP288565 Y
Salt Investment Funds Limited FSP349726 Y
Sharesies DBG Sharesies Ltd FSP550746 Y
Sharesies Nominee Limited   Y
SIL & MFL DBG MFL Mutual Fund Limited FSP37082 Y
Superannuation Investments Limited  FSP37013 Y
Somerset Smith Partners DBG Somerset Smith Partners FSP12342 Y
Somsmith Nominees Limited FSP284405 Y
Southern Cross Finance DBG Southern Cross Finance Limited FSP5561 Y
SCFL Nominees Limited  FSP16204 Y
SCFL Management Limited  FSP16281 Y
Squirrel Money DBG Squirrel Money Ltd FSP354706 Y
Squirrel P2P Trustee Ltd FSP415167 Y
Stewart Group DBG  Stewart Financial Group Ltd FSP27403 Y
Steward Group Wellington Ltd FSP77541 Y
Tailorednz DBG Tailorednz Limited FSP36461 Y
Tailorednz (Taupo) Limited FSP318446 Y
The Icehouse DBG The Icehouse Limited NA Y
ICE Funds Limited NA Y
ICE Angels Nominees Limited FSP18944 Y
GD1 Seed Fund Nominees Limited FSP247305 Y
Tuhua Fund Nominees No 1. Limited NA Y
Tuhua Fund Nominees No 2. Limited NA Y
Eden Fund Nominees No 1. Limited NA Y
Eden Fund Nominees No 2. Limited NA Y
Eden Fund Nominees No 3. Limited NA Y
Icehouse 100 Fund Nominees No 1. Limited NA Y
Flux Fund Nominees Limited NA Y
Zino Fund Nominees No. 1 Limited NA Y
UBS DBG UBS New Zealand Limited FSP44063 Y
Debenture Nominees Limited FSP44142 Y
UBS Securities New Zealand Limited FSP42121 Y
VIP Financial Services Limited DBG Kepler Group Otago (2014) Ltd FSP14661 Y
VIP Financial Services Limited FSP14661 Y
Waterman Capital DBG Waterman Capital (Fund 2) Limited FSP331326 Y
Waterman Capital (Fund 3) Limited FSP494446 Y
Waterman Capital (Fund 4) Limited FSP664771 Y
Wyndham NZ DBG Wyndham Vacation Resorts (NZ) Ltd  FSP41966 Y
Finance by Wyndham Pty Ltd FSP41984 Y
Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Pty Ltd N/A N

[*] Supervised by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand

[**] Supervised by the Department of Internal Affairs