Help Me Invest

Understand the basics behind investing, what you need to consider when making a plan and how to choose and manage your investments.

Learn the difference between shares, managed funds and fixed interest investments, and what these differences mean when it comes to getting your money back.

Understand the risks that can affect your investment and how to use tactics like diversification to manage them.

Get information at your fingertips by reading our brochures. Learn the crucial questions to ask about any investment, and where to get the answers.

When using an adviser, learn what you can expect from them and the questions to ask.

Find out the rules that apply when you sign up to a KiwiSaver scheme and what reporting and information you’re entitled to.

Find out about using a crowd funding service provider to buy shares in start-up or growing businesses.

A way to earn interest by loaning your money directly to individuals, small businesses, community groups or charity.

Questions and answers on UK Pension Transfers.

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