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Financial market infrastructures

Together with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ), the FMA jointly oversees designated settlement systems in New Zealand.

Part 5C of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989 (Act) details the FMA’s and RBNZ’s oversight powers and requirements for these systems. Further information can be found in our joint policy statement which explains the Act, our roles and policies, and also in our memorandum of understanding (MoU) we have with the RBNZ.

Currently, there are two designated settlement systems the FMA is jointly responsible for regulating.

NZClear is the securities settlement system and central securities depository for a broad range of fixed interest securities and equities that are issued in New Zealand. It is owned and operated by the RBNZ.

Contact person:
Chief Financial Officer
Financial Services Group
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
PO Box 2498
Telephone (04) 472-2029
Email: rtgshelpdesk@rbnz.govt.nz

New Zealand Clearing and Depository Corporation Limited (NZCDC) clears and settles all transactions that are conducted on the markets of the New Zealand stock exchange, NZX Limited (NZX).

Contact person:
Chief Operating Officer and Head of Risk
New Zealand Clearing and Depository Corporation Limited
Level 2, NZX Centre
11 Cable Street
PO Box 2959
Telephone: +64 4 495 2465
Email: clearing@nzx.com

For more information about how to apply to become a designated FMI and to view the latest proposals to update the supervisory regime for FMIs, please visit the RBNZ website.