10 November 2021


ENTITY NAME: Osaka Lenders
WEBSITE: www.osakalenders.com
EMAIL: : osak[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
TELEPHONE: +81-345-799-490


FMA are concerned that Osaka Lenders are involved in a scam. We are aware that a New Zealand company has sought lending facilities from Osaka Lenders. Osaka Lenders provided bank statements relating to a supposed account it holds with a Japanese bank which give the impression that it had funds available to provide a loan to the New Zealand company. The Japanese bank has confirmed the bank statements as fake.

Several red flags have been identified about Osaka Lenders:

  • Osaka Lenders claims to be a Japanese firm but its website is only in English;
  • Osaka Lenders claims to be the third project/loan financial institution registered in Tokyo, established in 2003, but there is no other web presence found apart from its website;
  • The persons shown on Osaka Lenders’ website are fictitious persons created using the images of some prominent Japanese businesspeople;
  • It is very unusual for Osaka Lenders to provide bank statements that contain information about its other transactions and other entities they have business relationship with to anyone seeking funding from them.