04 July 2022

FMA warns about suspected scam: nzglobaltrading.com

The FMA is concerned that nzglobaltrading.com may be operating a scam.

The website offers crypto currency trading, with unrealistically high returns, and claims a “zero chance of losing investments”. 

The website is purporting to be a registered company in New Zealand, by using details of a legitimate New Zealand company - NZ Global Trading Company Limited (Company Number 1666186). FMA has confirmation that this company is not associated with the website nzglobaltrading.com.   

We recommend exercising caution when dealing with this entity.

Entity name: nzglobaltrading.com
Website: nzglobaltrading.com
Address: Level 6, 121 Beach Road, Auckland, New Zealand
E-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 [email protected]
* the contact details are provided as stated on the website