16 December 2021

Investment warning concerning Maesara Investments Limited

We are concerned that Maesara Investments Limited is involved in a scam.

We are aware that a New Zealand resident who has invested through Maesara Investments Limited is no longer able to contact the entity by telephone and email.

Maesara Investments Limited is not an incorporated entity in New Zealand and is not registered on the Financial Service Providers Register.

Several red flags have been identified about Maesara Investments Limited:

  • A UK company registration certificate for Maesara Investments Limited is noted on the website, with “Maesara Investments Limited” printed on the certificate. A search on the UK Companies Register reveals that the certificate belongs to Mae Investments Limited.
  • The registered address listed on their website 2 Kempster Cl, Bedford MK40 4FW, UK is different to the registered address of Mae Investments Limited- 3 Eastwood Court, Broadwater Road, Romsey, Hampshire, UK.
  • None of the names of the officers listed on Mae Investments Limited’s company registration details match the names of Maesara Investments Limited’s management team members mentioned on their website.

Entity name: Maesara Investments Limited
Addresses: 2 Kempster Cl, Bedford MK40 4FW, United Kingdom
Websites: https://www.maesara.com/