01 September 2020

Intrgroups/ Intrgroup

ENTITY NAME: Intrgroups/ Intrgroup
ADDRESS: 201 BishopsGate London, EC2M 3AB, United Kingdom
WEBSITE: www.intrgroups.com 
UK +44-2080894076/ +44 7846 533665
BE: +32-460213593
NZ: +64-79856849
NE: +31-208084491
AU: +61-743317533
EMAIL: [email protected]

REASON FOR WARNING: We are concerned that Intrgroups and its associated website may be operating a scam. We recommend investors exercise caution if approached by Intrgroups as it is not a registered company or financial service provider in New Zealand.

The following overseas regulators have cautioned the public about Intrgroups.

Details of the bank account used by Intrgroups is as follows:
Account Number: PL37 1160 2202 0000 0004 5378 4277
Bank Name: Bank Millennium S.A. (Poland)