20 December 2021

FMA warning: false and misleading claims by CapitalInvestments.com

FMA has received a misconduct report relating to the website CapitalInvestmentsTrust.com and have found false claims made on this website.   

The FMA is concerned that this website is operating a scam. 

The website offers trading on the forex market, stock market, and cryptocurrency market with the ability to gain unrealistically high returns (starter plan: 10% daily for 3 days, through to mega plan: 10% return daily for 30 days).

The website is using the registration details of a legitimate New Zealand company called ‘Capital Investments Trust Limited (1547699)’.  This company has confirmed having no association with the website nor were they aware that the website was using their registration details and business name.

An investor complained about being unable to withdraw any of his invested funds.

There are also discrepancies with the information on this website:

  • It claims being authorised by the Danish Business Authority, but there is no record of them found on the Danish central business register
  • It states being registered and located in New Zealand, though this is incorrect and misleading.
  • Despite the two above points, the website IP location is based in the US.

CapitalInvestmentsTrust.com is not a registered financial service provider in New Zealand and is therefore not permitted to provide financial services to New Zealand residents.

We recommend caution if dealing with this website.

Entity name and website:  CapitalInvestmentsTrust.com
Associated names: Capital Investments Trust
Email: [email protected]

Screenshots of the website: