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Wildex Investment Limited

Page last updated: 10 Apr 2019

ADDRESS: 26FL, FWD Financial Centre, 308-320 Des Veoux Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
WEBSITE: www.Wildexinvestment.com
PHONE: +85221270667
EMAIL: s.jones@wildexinvestment.com

REASON FOR WARNING: We recommend exercising caution before dealing with Wildex Investment Limited and the website www.wildexinvestment.com as it has been cold calling New Zealand residents with an investment offer in a fictitious Public Share Offering (IPO).

It is not licensed or regulated to provide financial services in New Zealand.

It is not listed on the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong’s public register or licensed persons and registered institutions, nor in Germany or the US where the website www.wildexinvestment.com claims to have offices.

It has the hallmarks of a scam.