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Encouraging fund choice in KiwiSaver

Page last updated: 8 Jun 2017

Encouraging fund choice in KiwiSaver 2017This report is for KiwiSaver providers and for providers of any Managed Investment Scheme. It will also be of interest to behavioural insight researchers. This report describes the results of a behavioural insights randomised control trial.

We ran a behavioural insights trial with KiwiSaver provider Kiwi Wealth. The trial ran for seven months, from August 2016 to February 2017. The aim of the trial was to see if behavioural prompts increased the number of active fund choices members made. To test this, prompts were included in the first communication KiwiSaver default members received from Kiwi Wealth.

Media release Trial shows simple way to help KiwiSaver members

Summary of our approach to 2017 Kiwi Wealth trial