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Page last updated: 2 Feb 2018



February 2017

AML/CFT warning

Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Financing of Terrorism warning (AML/CFT). This followed a review where requested information Act 2009 was not provided.


Charges filed against registered financial adviser Anthony Norman Wilson for making a false document and dishonestly using a document.



March 2017


Charges filed against Garry James Patterson alleging contravention of the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act relating to various insurance policies.


The High Court declared that Mark Warminger’s trading conduct on two occasions (during his employment at Milford Asset Management) amounted to market manipulation.


Charges filed against Jeffrey Peter Honey and another individual relating to insider trading in shares of EROAD.




May 2017

Viaduct Capital/Mutual Finance

Trial aborted in the prosecution of former directors of finance companies, Viaduct Capital and Mutual Finance.




June 2017

FADC decision

Following our complaint, the Financial Advisers Disciplinary Committee (FADC) found that an authorised financial adviser breached code standards relating to pension transfer advice and insurance advice.


The High Court imposed a penalty of $400,000 on Mark Warminger. He also received a five-year management ban.


Jeffrey Peter Honey sentenced to six months’ home detention after pleading guilty to one charge of insider trading.

South and Provan

Charges of theft by a person in a special relationship filed against Robert Ian South. Charges of obtaining by deception filed against Murray Byron Provan.

Innovative Securities

Innovative Securities Limited appeal against our decision to direct Companies Office to deregister them from the FSPR was dismissed.




July 2017


Mark Warminger withdrew his appeal against the High Court judgment. Civil proceedings ended. High Court judgment enforced.


Former registered financial adviser Anthony Norman Wilson was sentenced to 150 hours of community work, six months’ community detention and ordered to pay reparations of $16,461 for forging clients’ initials and falsely amending insurance applications.



August 2017

Prince & Partners

Prince & Partners Trustee Company admitted failings as trustee of Viaduct Capital Limited which went into receivership in 2010. We brought a claim against Prince & Partners pursuant to section 34 FMA Act. To settle the claim, Prince & Partners paid $4.5m, made admissions that we could publish and agreed not to act as a supervisor of any regulated offer of debt securities for five years.




September 2017

FSPR report

Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR) report released about our work in this area between 2014 and 2017.




October 2017


Charges filed against an individual alleging insider trading in shares of VMob (now trading as Plexure Group).


Charges filed against Stephen Robertson for theft by a person in a special relationship, dishonestly using a document and obtaining by deception.




November 2017

Goldman Sachs

We published a report on the outcome of investigation into potential market manipulation by Goldman Sachs.

Fullerton Markets

Formal warning issued to Fullerton Markets for AML/CFT Act breaches related to inadequate risk assessment, compliance and due diligence. 


The High Court heard a judicial review application and breach of confidence claim by ANZ against the FMA, concerning the interpretation of our powers under s59 of the Financial Markets Act 2011.