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Attitudes towards New Zealand’s financial markets survey

Page last updated: 18 Nov 2020

Investor Confidence Research's main research objectives are to:

  • Measure the level of confidence the New Zealand public have in the New Zealand financial markets;
  • Measure perceptions and awareness of the FMA;
  • Capture the level of understanding of diversification and risk/return trade-off.


The 2020 Investor Confidence Survey was split into three parts. Part 1 largely focused on general investor confidence, investor profile and activity, the usefulness of investment materials, and confidence in regulation. Part 2 focused on the impacts of COVID-19, including investors’ outlook, future plans for investments, investment changes due to COVID-19, and implications for KiwiSaver. Part 3 is about New Zealanders’ experiences with scams.

Investor Confidence Research 2020 – part three

More than one in five New Zealanders aged 18 or over have been approached about a potential investment scam in the past, with men and seniors most likely to have been targeted. Nearly half have been approached about Cryptocurrency, making this the most common type of scam, followed by investment software packages and seminars which around one-third have been approached about. Download Investor Confidence Research 2020 (Part Three) PDF.

Investor Confidence Research 2020 – part two

The majority (60%) of investors experienced losses as a result of COVID-19 and around half were concerned about the impact from COVID-19 on their personal financial situation. However, investor outlook remains positive with the survey finding that most Kiwis (71%) were optimistic that the pandemic will pass eventually and markets will recover with time. Nearly a quarter (23%) were planning to increase existing investments or make new investments in the year ahead. Download Investor Confidence Research 2020 (Part Two) PDF.

See media release.

Investor Confidence Research 2020 – part one

This year, the survey found two-thirds of investors (66%) were confident in New Zealand’s financial markets, in line with 65% of investors last year, despite the volatility caused by COVID-19. The survey also found that investors are feeling better informed and more confident that markets are effectively regulated. Download Investor Confidence Research 2020 (Part One) PDF.

See media release.


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