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Minister welcomes Money Week 2012

Page last updated: 2 Sep 2012

Craig Foss
2 September, 2012

The Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income has launched the first annual Money Week today.

"The week-long focus on financial education is a great initiative to lift financial literacy in New Zealand," says Commerce Minister Craig Foss.

More than one hundred free events will take place over the next week, encouraging New Zealanders to take a closer look at how they manage their finances.

"I'm encouraged to see the number of workplaces, community organsiations and financial institutions getting involved. Many are investing time and resources to offer free seminars and training.

"It's important that New Zealanders have the tools and information they need to better manage their money," says Mr Foss.

For further information visit http://moneyweek.org.nz/