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Financial Markets Authority AFA Update: Issue # 35

Page last updated: 11 Mar 2015

Changes to FMA communications

Last year, we reviewed the FMA website and the email communications we send to our subscribers against best practice guidelines. As a result of this review, we are about to make some major changes to both of these key communication channels.

AFA Update

We will no longer distribute AFA Updates; instead all information relevant to AFAs will be included in a revamped FMA Update. The FMA Update will be redesigned as an insights-led newsletter and delivered on a monthly basis. Its purpose will be to keep subscribers well informed about the regulation of capital markets and financial services in New Zealand.

The new FMA Update will provide access to a ‘preference centre’ where you can choose the type of information you wish to receive from us, update your email address, or unsubscribe. This includes the option to receive only information specifically for AFAs, filtering out other content. The preference centre will also include options to receive media release, guidance and consultation alerts, and invitations to relevant events.

New FMA website

Next week we will launch a new website designed to provide easier access to key information, a simpler design and improved search functionality.

Before developing the new site we sought advice from specialists and consulted with a cross-section of market participants, to understand what people want from our website and how they use it.

Some of the key changes you’ll notice are:

  • Consultations will show on the homepage
  • A calendar of upcoming reports, events and guidance will show on the homepage
  • The ‘Help me Comply’ section will be called ‘Compliance’
  • Users will be able to browse by topic, or filter content by market participant role
  • The ‘Help me Invest’ section will be called ‘Consumers.’

We trust you will find these changes beneficial, and encourage your feedback to help inform on-going improvements to FMA communications. You can contact us directly via communications@fma.govt.nz