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Financial Markets Authority AFA Update: Issue # 30

Page last updated: 24 Sep 2014

7 days left to complete your Information Return!

Time is running out to complete your AFA Information Return. All Returns must be submitted online by 5pm Tuesday 30 September so don’t delay, get started now.

Remember, your authorisation as an AFA is subject to the Standard Conditions that include the requirement to complete this Information Return in accordance with the Regulatory Reporting Guide. If you have not yet started completing your Information Return we encourage you to do so promptly so you are able to collect the information required to complete and submit the Information Return on time.

Please note: you are not required to provide a separate Annual Business Statement (ABS) confirmation (required under Standard Condition 1 for AFAs) once you have correctly submitted your Information Return.

If you have any questions when completing your Information Return please check our FAQs. Otherwise please email your question to questions@fma.govt.nz or call us on 0800 434 567.