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The Appreciation series features popular podcasts, shows, books and other content relevant to financial markets, scams and investing, reviewed by FMA staff members.

An Appreciation review does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the FMA. If you want help making a decision about investing or money management, there are professionals who can help you with this. We recommend you talk to an appropriately qualified financial advice provider.

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  1. 2 November 2022

    Appreciation - GameStop docuseries

    GameStop is a US company whose share price skyrocketed in value due to online hype and anti-establishment sentiment in January 2021, in an episode that made headlines around the world.

    Both Netflix and Neon now have documentaries about what happened, and FMA staff members Torben Akel and Fiona Whyte have reviewed them as part of our ongoing “Appreciation” series.