16 February 2022

Thumbs up - FAP Full licensing online application process

Northlanders might have been feeling uncomfortable with the recent humid weather, but the FMA licensing team is delighted to hear some applicants reporting the online full FAP licensing application process is ‘’no sweat”.

As at mid-February more than 300 FAP full licences have been approved, with new applications being received daily. Many advice businesses are telling us they are focussing on getting ready to submit their full licence application ahead of the target date of September 30, 2022, which is the target date for all Class 1 or Class 2 financial advice providers to apply for their full license. 

These efforts in getting licence-ready will be giving those firms a boost in confidence when meeting the demands of the current environment.

Remember that we are here to help make the online application process as straightforward as possible – and we believe that an important part of our licensing process is the support available to help out applicants.   

“Right now, we have team members available to answer your questions, so if you have a question about the process or getting ready to apply, just get in touch.  If you’d like us to call you back just ask.” Chris Revell, Manager Licensing

We’re also looking forward to meeting as many advisers as we can over the coming months, either virtually or face-to-face (as and when we’re able to so do), so expect to see more of John Botica, Derek Grantham, Anita Frazer and Chris Revell.

We’re keen to hit the mark, so please do keep those questions and comments coming, as we find the best ways to support as many applicants as possible with their FAP full licensing preparation.

PS: In case you missed it, we recently added a fourth self-assessment tool, 'Customer care - managing conflicts' to our website.