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Market operators

Page last updated: 21 Feb 2019

Your obligations

General obligations of licensed market operators

As a market operator, you must make sure your licensed markets operate in a fair, orderly and transparent way (s314), and have arrangements in place for the following:

  • handling conflicts between your commercial interests and fair, orderly and transparent markets
  • making market disclosures available
  • monitoring conduct on the markets
  • enforcing your market rules.

You must also ensure you have the resources required to operate your markets properly, and you are able to continue to meet any conditions of your licence.

Reporting obligations

As a market operator you are required to provide the FMA with a periodic self-assessment on how well you have complied with your obligations during that period (s337).

We must also carry out periodic reviews of your compliance and publish our findings in a report. If we find that you are not meeting your general obligations, we can ask you to put an action plan in place.

As a market operator you are obliged to notify us of certain events, such as when you take disciplinary action for breaches of your market rules, or when you suspect someone may have breached the legislation. You must also give us information and assistance when we need them to carry out our regulatory role.

Full details of the ongoing operational obligations of market operators are contained in subpart 8 of part 5 of the Act.

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