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Offers under the FMC Act

Page last updated: 25 Feb 2019

Who needs to comply

Anyone offering financial products for issue or sale needs to comply with financial markets legislation. The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act) defines these people as issuers.  See more on how they are defined.

Disclosure requirements

Information about ‘regulated offers’ must be disclosed in a product disclosure statement (PDS) and on the Disclose Register. Together, this information must include all material information about the offer of a financial product and be up-to-date, accurate and understandable. 

Schedule 1 offers

Schedule 1 of the FMC Act sets out a series of statutory exclusions where lighter compliance paths are appropriate. 

Pre-registration review service

We offer a pre-registration review service to help issuers and their directors, feel more confident that their offer documents are likely to satisfy our expectations. 

Your obligations

In addition to the obligations about offer information, an issuer will also have ongoing obligations under the FMC Act.  


Find out more about the exemptions available for offer information under the FMC Act.