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How to register

Page last updated: 25 Feb 2019

You must apply for registration online at the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR) website. The register is a searchable online public register of entities and individuals in New Zealand who provide financial services. The register is run by the Companies Office.

To qualify for registration you must:

  • not be disqualified from doing so
  • be a member of an approved dispute resolution scheme if required

If you are also required by other legislation to be licensed (ie a bank or AFA or QFE), you will also need to be licensed.

During the registration process you will need to select all the activities for which you wish to be registered. The FSPR website contains guidance on the definitions of various financial services. In addition, please note the following options for entities and financial adviser services:

  • 'providing wholesale and/or generic financial adviser services' - select this option if you provide financial adviser services to wholesale clients and/or class services.
  • 'An employer or principal of a financial adviser and/or QFE' - select this option if you have financial advisers acting on your behalf, such as advisers who provide personalised financial adviser services to retail clients

If you do both activities you will need to select both.

The registration process also includes a criminal history check (for all individuals and directors/senior managers of entities seeking to be registered), and payment of a fee.

The FSPR website has full details on the requirements and how to make your application.