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How to apply for registration – overseas audit firms

Page last updated: 25 Feb 2019

FMA may authorise the Registrar to register an overseas audit firm where it has met the requirements for registration. We will also consider whether a firm will be able to meet its conditions of registration.

Please complete the following steps

1. Download the application guide and template forms

2. Gather the evidence of meeting requirements

The evidence you need to provide is summarised in the application guide. The application guide also has full details of the requirements as well as information about how the FMA assesses the evidence provided.

Please carefully check you provide the expected evidence from both the 'all countries' section of the guide and the section relevant to your home jurisdiction, and that the evidence meets the requirements set out in the application guide.

Incomplete forms or answers which do not take account of the guidance are likely to result in queries and delays in processing your application, as well as additional costs.

Submission instructions

You must submit your forms electronically and in paper form.

Physical copies of all your application material should be addressed to:

Licensing Team
Financial Markets Authority
Level 2, 1 Grey Street
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

In addition, your OAF1.1 form together with the PAF1.1 form must be emailed to us at: auditorregulation@fma.govt.nz

Each application will need to be accompanied by the appropriate fee.