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How to apply for a licence – overseas auditors

Page last updated: 25 Feb 2019

FMA may issue an overseas auditor an auditor licence if you meet certain requirements. We will also consider whether you are able to meet your licence conditions.

Please complete the following steps:

1. Download the application guide and relevant forms

2. Gather the evidence of meeting requirements

The evidence you need to provide is summarised in the application guide. The application guide also has full details of the requirements as well as information about how the FMA assesses the evidence provided.

Please carefully check you provide the expected evidence from both the 'all countries' section of the guide and the section relevant to your home jurisdiction, and that the evidence meets the requirements set out in the application guide.

Incomplete forms or answers which do not take account of the guidance are likely to result in queries and delays in processing your application, as well as additional costs.

New Zealand orientation topics for overseas licensed auditors

Overseas auditors wishing to be licensed in New Zealand are required to complete an approved course in New Zealand commercial law and taxation. This is to ensure that all licensed auditors have knowledge of the New Zealand commercial environment.

The following table sets out the degree level papers the FMA has approved in both commercial law and taxation that currently meet this requirement at 14 tertiary institutions:

Tertiary Institutions Commercial Law Taxation
University of Auckland COMLAW 203 Company Law COMLAW 301 Taxation
Auckland University of Technology

416614 - Law for New Zealand Business

367905 Advanced Taxation
367907 Taxation: Principles, Policies and Processes

UNITEC New Zealand ACTY 6320 Law of Business Entities ACTY 6210 Taxation
Manukau Institute of Technology 323.606 Commercial Law 2 311.642 Taxation
University of Waikato ACCT322 - Law of Business Enterprises ACCT 351 Taxation
Waikato Institute of Technology BBSD622 Corporate Law BBSD603 Taxation
Eastern Institute of Technology LAWS 6.01 Corporate Law ACCY7.08 Advanced Taxation
Massey University *

155.203 - Law of Business Organisations

110.289 Taxation
110.389 Advanced Taxation

Victoria University of Wellington COML 303 - Law of Organisations

ACCY 305 Advanced Domestic Taxation
TAXN 301 Advanced Domestic Taxation

The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand * 71 214 - Law of Business Organisations 71 306 Taxation
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology LAW610 - Company Law ACC 706 Advanced Taxation
University of Canterbury

ACCT 256 Law of Business Organisations

ACCT 358 Advanced Issues in Taxation
Lincoln University LWST 201 - Commercial Law I ACCT306 Taxation
University of Otago BLAW211 Business Law Relating to Entities ACTP 312 Taxation Practice

* indicates institutions that offer courses by correspondence or distance learning.

Contact information for each tertiary institution is available here.

If you have completed another course in New Zealand commercial law and taxation which you believe meets the requirements for auditor licensing, we are happy to consider whether that course is equivalent to the approved courses. You will need to provide a detailed description of the topics covered and the learning outcomes for the course you have completed.

Submission instructions

You must submit your forms electronically and in paper form.

Physical copies of all your application material should be addressed to:

Licensing Team
Financial Markets Authority
Level 2, 1 Grey Street
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

Each application will need to be accompanied by the appropriate fee.