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Page last updated: 22 May 2019

Individuals who perform issuer audits must hold a licence and audit firms must be registered.

Prescribed minimum standards

An individual applying to be licenced as an auditor must have successfully completed a professional course in auditing approved by the FMA as required by Sections 3(e) of the Auditor Regulation Act (Prescribed Minimum Standards and Conditions for Licensed auditors and Registered Firms) Notice 2012. This notice has been amended on the 9 November 2015.

New Zealand auditor licensing and audit firm registration

CPA Australia and NZICA are currently the only accredited bodies. They are the front line regulators and have the primary responsibility for licencing auditors and the registration of audit firms based in New Zealand. New Zealand based auditors and audit firms should contact the following accredited bodies for more information about licencing and audit firm registration.

Overseas auditor licensing and audit firm registration