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AML/CFT Sector Risk Assessment

Page last updated: 4 Jul 2017

This sector risk assessment is a preliminary assessment by the AML/CFT supervisors to assess the risks of money laundering across the sector they will supervise.

AML/CFT Sector Risk Assessment Report 2017AML/CFT Sector Risk Assessment Report 2017

Our AML/CFT SRA 2017 is an important document that provides general information and specific examples to assist reporting entities (REs) in the nine sectors we supervise for anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism (AML/CFT). It will assist REs to prepare and review their individual assessments of the risks of AML/CFT under sections 58 and 59 of the AML/CFT Act.

We expect reporting entities to use our SRA as a guide when they prepare and implement their individual AML/CFT programmes.


AML/CFT Sector Risk Assessment Report 2011