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Consultation – KiwiSaver Performance Fees Guidance Note

Page last updated: 15 Nov 2011

The KiwiSaver Performance Fees Guidance Note builds upon the three characteristics the Government Actuary identified in his Guidance Note KSGN2 issued in March 2008. It will be the basis upon which FMA will assess whether a performance fee is 'not unreasonable'.

Prior to finalising the document for publication, FMA wishes to receive your comments on the contents of the Guidance Note.

Consultation period

The consultation period is three weeks.

Please send your written submissions by using the Contact Form on FMA's website. Select 'make a comment' and clearly label your attached submission document as 'Submission on KiwiSaver Performance Fees Guidance Note'.

You can also send your written submission to the Manager, Superannuation Schemes at FMA's Wellington offices.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 2 December 2011.

Next steps

Once submissions have been received and considered, FMA will issue a final version of the Guidance Note.

Submissions will be subject to the Official Information Act 1982. FMA may also make submissions available on its website, or draw attention to submissions in internal or external reports. If you would like FMA to withhold any commercially sensitive, confidential or proprietary information included in your submission please say so in your submission. Any request to have information withheld will be considered in accordance with the Official Information Act.