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Enforcement Activity

In the event of a breach of financial markets legislation, we may intervene on an informal basis or at a low level where such action is proportionate to the misconduct and will achieve an appropriate market outcome. However, where appropriate, we will take strong action and hold individuals and entities accountable when they break the law and fail to meet the standards that are expected of them. If harm has been identified, we may also take regulatory action of some sort even though no ‘rules’ appear to have been broken.

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  1. Enforceable action

    28 May 2015

    ANZ rural interest rate swaps - Settlement agreement/ Enforceable Undertaking

    Between on or about July 2005, and 31 March 2009, ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited breached s 9 of the Fair Trading Act 1986, in that, being in trade, it engaged in conduct that was misleading in relation to some of the customers, in that it understated some of the risks and/or overstated some of the benefits of interest rate swap arrangements to those customers. Read more.
  2. Crimes Act

    17 December 2014

    South Canterbury Finance (SCF)

    The accused are Edward Sullivan, Robert White, Lachie McLeod, Terrence Hutton, Graham Brown. The SFO has laid 21 charges in total with FMA's assistance. The charges are laid under provisions of the Crimes Act: sections 220 (theft by person in special relationship), 240 (inducing by deception), 260 (false accounting) and 242 (false statement by promoter). Read more.
  3. Enforceable action

    5 June 2014

    Strategic Finance Limited - Settlement/ Enforceable Undertaking

    FMA investigation into Strategic had found that the directors( Kerry Finnigan, Graham Jackson, Marcel Lindale, Timothy Rich, Denis Thom, David Wolfenden) are likely to have breached the Securities Act by making untrue statements in a registered prospectus, investment statement and in an advertisement between March 2008 and August 2008. Read more.
  4. Crimes Act
    Enforceable action

    12 March 2014

    Bridgecorp and Bridgecorp Investments (BIL) - Settlement agreement and Judgment

    FMA alleged that the directors( Rodney Petricevic, Robert Roest, Bruce Davidson, Gary Urwin and Peter Steigrad) made untrue statements in the investment statements and registered prospectuses, prospectus extension certificates of Bridgecorp and BIL. They also made other false or misleading statements in Bridgecorp and BIL documents. Read more.